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Additional Information about RABCO Products Restaurant Menu Covers:

Our Restaurant Menu Covers and Menu Holders are Manufactured with the highest quality vinyl materials in the USA.
Choose from a variety of menu cover styles and menu cover colors for your Menus.
Our web page makes it easy to decide and order the style, cover pattern, text, colors and more.
We carry sewn, Pajco, case bound, clear and various other styles of menu covers and menu holders.
If you're looking for table tents, dessert menus, wine lists or order forms, we carry those too.

Option 1 - All Included - Complete Menu Creation Delivered to You
RABCO Products is now offering a new service - Complete Menu Creation Delivered to You
This new service provides restaurant entrepreneurs with a quick one stop menu shop to select and print your entire restaurant menu.
See option 1 above - All Included - Complete Menu Creation & Delivery.
You'll be given the choice to select your menu style, menu color, metallic corner color, menu paper style and we'll be in contact with you to discuss the formatting / typesetting and printing of your restaurant menu.
All for a low price. Avoid delays when starting up your restaurant. Send us your word doc, and we'll format and print your menu. The menu will ship to you within 3 days of approval of the pre production proof.

Option 2 - Do It Yourself
We have instructions for you to print your own menu.
Purchase the Sewn Edge Menu Jackets and Customized Menu Paper and you print with your own printer.

Option 3 - Menu Paper Purchase Only
If you already have the menu holders and need custom menu paper, just let us know.
Choose from over 50 different styles.

Option 4 - Sewn Edge Menu Jackets Only
If you are just looking for the menu jackets, Menu Folders, Menu Holders only - we carry those as well.